9 thoughts on “Boosted: Questions about the LIS Model/Theory Assignment?

  1. Stacey Nerdin

    I actually just wanted to share a resource I found helpful in understanding the broad strokes of some of these models. Professor Jenna Hartel, who @michael has referenced several times in lectures, has a YouTube channel called INFIDEOS with some beautifully produced videos covering several LIS topics. https://www.youtube.com/c/infideos

    Two of the papers listed in the theory/model assignment are covered by her – Berrypicking and ELIS. She also has some videos diving deeper into the Serious Leisure perspective. The videos are by no means a replacement for deep and detailed research on these models, but they have absolutely breathed a little fresh air into what can sometimes feel like burn-out or overwhelm from reading so many scholarly articles. (or is that just me feeling that way? lol)

    PS: now I see that some of these videos have already been linked to in the “explore extra resources” section of our Modules. I’m sorry I missed those before!

  2. Diana U

    Hi I just wanted to say that Paperfile has been so helpful! I tried Zotero before but I find Paperfile so much easier not just for citations but to keep track of journal articles while reading and writing! In case anyone was wondering an easier way to save articles.

    1. Stacey Nerdin

      @dianaumana This is helpful feedback – thank you for sharing! I’ve been using Zotero, but it doesn’t quite do what I expected it to do. I’ve been hobbling along, but maybe I’ll take some time to make the switch to Paperfile. Thanks!

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