Research Paper Extensions

Greetings all – I am extending the due date of the Research paper to 5/9 by Midnight PT. 🙂 If you can get it in as soon as you finish. I will start grading as I see them come in. 

Research Paper: You will be required to identify an information community to examine, locate and critically evaluate the scholarly and professional literature relating to that community’s information-seeking behavior and needs, gather additional data about your users’ information practices and preferences from community-based resources, and report on the results. (This post outlined the ways to get started.)

I would also urge you, as you prepare your work to do the following:

After the paper is in, turn your attention to your final Blog Reports:

  • Blog Post #7: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies 5/10
  • Blog Post #8: Personal reflection on information communities. (Participation)  5/11


26 thoughts on “Research Paper Extensions

  1. laural

    Hi, @michael! Hope you’re doing great!
    I saw this morning that the Research Paper due date was moved to 5/11 in Canvas. Is this accurate? Just wanted to be sure before I updated my writing plan.
    Thanks! 🙂

      1. laural

        @michael, thank you so much! 🙂
        One more question:
        For Blog 7, since it is an infographic, is the 300 word count minimum waved? And do we include our infographic in our research paper?
        Thank you! 🙂
        (Apologies if this is already posted somewhere and I missed it!)

  2. Samantha Ceja

    I see that many of my classmates have already thanked you for this extension but I also wanted to thank you. The additional week was much needed and very helpful in ensuring that I had all the proper pieces of my research paper done. Thank you Professor Stephens.

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