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  1. Pamela Rouse

    Thank you so much! Here’s my post:

    I did some tweaking with my blog background photo so that the contrast between comments and my former image (it was more industrial/ noir-ish) would no longer be an issue and one might be able to read individual comments my cohorts had posted with ease. I replaced my original photo a photo of the Palace of FIne Arts I took about a year ago and now it looks like a tourist’s postcard. (it’s not the look I was going for).

    Q: How can I fix the font colors on individuals’ comments so that I can go back to using my old image?

    Thank again! Hoping everyone is having a good weekend…

  2. Kristen-Marie Williams

    Dear Professor Stephens:

    I added my blog URL to a previous post, but I apologize that I can’t seem to find the description of the Intro Post assignment. I’m working up from the bottom of the course page: https://infocom.hyperlib.sjsu.edu/. Could you please point me in the right direction?


      1. Briana Herrod

        I am still confused as to whether this OPML post counts as our intro post-blog #1, or do we need to do another post that is blog #1. Sorry if I am not “getting it”.

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