Taking the Temperature….

Hey all – I’ve had a few requests for extensions on the LRM… would that be useful for all of you still working? I am feeling that there are a lot of stressors out in the world that may be slowing us down (myself included!)….

Chime in below.

Image: Walking Stick Library & Buddy (and my Subaru)

3 thoughts on “Taking the Temperature….

  1. Nicola Cicchetti

    I actually logged in to ask about the deadline: you extended it to November 2 on the course website, but Canvas says the third. I was just clarifying which date, but I would rather not weigh in on preferences regarding deadlines because I know some people have very complicated life situations. I defer to others on this topic. Thank you, professor Stephens!

  2. Anjali Bhat

    I had the same clarification question as Nicola regarding the date. I would be very grateful if we could stick to the Canvas deadline (tomorrow) rather than the course site deadline so I could refine my LRM a bit further, but I’m fully aware that delays impact your grading timeline as well – so I truly appreciate your understanding regarding our life stressors. I hope you take care of yourself as well, Dr. Stephens.

    That’s a gorgeous picture, by the way. Love those fall colors, and Buddy among them.

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