Travel Update: Heading to San Jose!

Hi all! I am heading to San Jose early Saturday for our faculty retreat. Once a year, we all come together in person for a big two day meeting. I return Wednesday. Do not hesitate to contact me via email or our course section site private message. I will be online as much as possible.

The featured image for this post is one of my favorite shots from a research trip I did to Australia in 2009. Riding camels on Cable Beach. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Travel Update: Heading to San Jose!

  1. Kristen-Marie Williams

    Ahh, your photo makes me nostalgic!

    In 1994 I lived for 10 weeks in Australia to complete my student teaching experience. I didn’t get to Western Australia, where your photo was taken, but lived in Melbourne, and in addition to Victoria, took trips to South Australia, Queensland, and the Northern Territory. I *loved* the land and the people– just wish it weren’t so far away, the plane flight from Minnesota nearly did me in!

    Anyway, thanks for the walk down memory lane.

    🙂 Kristen-Marie

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