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UPDATE: Blog Reports Grading Pilot Project

Greetings all!

I’m going to try something different this semester. Blog reports will still be graded cumulatively but I will do them in two parts. This will give you more feedback about your writing early on in the semester.

Our new faculty member Dr. Darra Hofman will also be trying this in her sections and we have met occasionally this summer to plan this pilot. There

Here’s how it will work. You will write your posts as detailed on the Course Schedule and Due Dates page:

  • Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. 9/13
  • Blog Post #3: Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community. 9/27
  • Blog Post #4: Summarize one of the peer-reviewed articles relating to your information community you’ve found. 10/04

But here on October 4, you will submit your top level blog URL to Canvas. I will grade your first three posts cumulatively.

  • Blog Post #5: Explore how libraries and information centers create learning and programming opportunities for your chosen community. 11/15
  • Blog Post #6: Report on the issues your community may face on an international scale. 11/22
  • Blog Post #7: Report on your community’s use of emerging technologies 12/06

Then on 12/07, submit your URL again and I will grade your posts five through seven cumulatively.

Please let me know what questions or thoughts you have!

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