UPDATE: Issue with Old Videos!

Hey all – I have no idea how this happened but some old versions of INFO 200 videos were still living on Canvas and in a few places here. I am flummoxed that we did not catch this last semester. Here are all of the videos about 200: Intros for all sections, our section, all the assignments. I have heard from some of you that there was confusion and wholeheartedly apologize. No Blog Report #1s are late!

If anyone finds any links to old videos, please let me know – you can tell if they are old by my not gray goatee! Please let me know if you have questions etc.

Course Introduction for All INFO 200 Students

Course Introduction for Stephens Section INFO 200 Students

Blog Reports

LIS Model / Theory Research Summary

Information Sources Survey

Literature Review Matrix

Research Paper


Image: Bill and Samm on the beach.

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