11 thoughts on “Update: One More Blog!

    1. Robin Seefeldt

      Thanks Michele.

      Will this update on my profile page for this class site? It’s still listing “blogs 0” on my end. It is accurate on my SJSU Community site profile and it should say “2” as the total count for blogs I have created using the SJSU community site.

          1. Claire

            I see. I didn’t fully realize they were two separate pages (screenshots of mine are below). I now understand that our blogs only show up on the community site but not the section site. So my “Friends” and “Groups” in on each page reflect whether they are community-wide or only within our section?

            Community: https://drive.google.com/file/d/12YuQCBHxmZ0fEpD0HJcG6Kt3_nhcU3e8/view?usp=sharing


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