7 thoughts on “Update: Please Add This Blog

      1. Stacey Sargent

        Hello Dr. Stephens, Do we need to respond to each blog post every week, for a total of everyone in the group/class? Also, I have been trying to add these to feedly but have been unable to. Can you walk me through the process? Thanks!

        1. Michael Stephens Post author

          @staceysargent26 Please see:


          You will demonstrate active participation and engagement through your blog, commenting on your classmates’ blogs, project work and use of the course site. A minimum of six well-articulated comments (or other participation in groups, etc) is required.

          To add to Feedly:

          Login to Feedly –> Click the + icon on the left side –> add the blog URL to the box and select. Then you can add to whatever group you would like.

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