@ Usernames Pilot Tests

Hey all – I appreciate the feedback about @usernames. Here are two things we might try shared by @mendozagm and @gydesenme:

  1. Sign your Blog reports with your @username. Then folks can copy and paste into the comment box if they want to. @mendozagm offers an example here.
  2. This suggestion from @gydesenme gets you into the settings of your blog to insert your @username as the tag line. See it live here.

Please give this a try…it might make using the @usernames a lot easier and make our conversations on the Community Site easier as well. At this site – our section site – the WP theme is super good at offering suggestions for the @username.

15 thoughts on “@ Usernames Pilot Tests

  1. Saúl Schindler

    @michael That was an easy fix! However, I’m wondering if it’s possible to change my username on the WordPress site? I recently realized I’d made a typo on that username, not to mention I’d also unintentionally created a different username for our class site. Ideally, I’d like to change the WordPress username so it’s aligned with the one for our class’ website. Hopefully, that made sense. 😆

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