Video Update & @michael

Hey all – Here’s another quick video for you!

I will be commenting on your future blog reports.  If you reply with your own comment to one of mine on your blog, please use my username @michael  in the comment so I am sure to get notification of your reply. Some blog themes auto fill @usernames but others do not.

Want the video on the go?

Download Podcast

11 thoughts on “Video Update & @michael

    1. Melanie Gydesen

      @michael I created a quick image of the steps to change your blog tag line if that would help. It’s the spot on the blogs where originally it said: “Just another Information Blog” (or something like that).

      And @darylmoo I think the usernames can be different since they are two different sites. The only “problem” would be that on here people would need to go to your profile to find your username and on the other site, you could potentially put it on your blog somewhere but right now we have to go to the profile anyways so it doesn’t make any difference.

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