Webinar: Heart of Librarianship

Hey all – the recording, links, etc for the webinar I did today for ALA are here: The Heart of Librarianship if you are interested. I was invited to talk about themes from my research, teaching and work with libraries by our ALA president Loida Garcia Febo.

I’ll use an image from the slides I just discovered. The Community Closet“is now open in the basement of CADL Downtown Lansing! To help stock the closet, go to the Downtown Lansing lobby where donation bins are located. We’re accepting hygiene products, plus winter wear like coats and hats.”

This touched me deeply. I want to see more of this.

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  1. Meghann Brenneman

    We are looking at new tech for our lobby and we are always asking about how to measure user experience, I like the idea of merging the two with emojis!

    Libraries are for people not books, such an obvious idea but it seems to be newer or difficult for some. Our library paid computer science students to create an app for evaluating space use so that we no longer had to go around with paper surveys. Our surveys and this app are all a part of our effort to evaluate how people are using the space. We record what furniture is being used and what types of activities are being done there. We then use this data to recreate spaces that we see people using as well as create spaces that support the activities that students are participating in. We take surveys throughout the semester and now have regular furniture moving efforts by evening and weekend staff as well as a student position, project technician, specific to supporting this type of activity.

    The computer science students will be making a version of their app open source soon if they haven’t already. They then may modify it to sell it for their own benefit and further resume building.

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