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Message from the SJSU Writing Center:

The schedule is now live and open for bookings. In-person tutoring slots are available starting Monday, 03/07/2022.

Schedule a 45-minute in-person tutoring appointment through our Online Reservation System for extensive help with your paper. If you are having difficulty using our online reservation system, you can call us during our operating hours at (408) 924-2308 or email us at writingcenter@sjsu.edu.

How do I make an in-person tutoring appointment? 

  1. Visit sjsu.mywconline.com.
  2. If you haven’t registered with the Writing Center before, you must register for the first time and fill out the registration form before logging in. If you already have an account, log in using your SJSU email address and the password you created for this account. With this account, you will be able to create, modify, or cancel an appointment.
  3. After logging in, “In-Person Appointments” will be selected as the default schedule.
  4. Choose a date and time for your appointment from the openings available. Open appointment slots are white. Bright blue slots are already reserved by other students; navy blue slots indicate that the tutor does not work during that time. Gray slots are days and times that have already passed.
  5. Click once on the open appointment slot that you wish to reserve.
  6. When the new reservation window pops up, fill out all the information required (marked with a red asterisk). If you miss a section, the system will not accept your reservation. You will have to go back and type in everything again, so be sure that you fill out everything that is required!
  7. When you’ve completed the reservation form, click the create appointment button to complete the reservation process. Your reservation will now appear on the schedule. You will receive confirmation and reminder messages that will be sent to your SJSU email address.

Having trouble joining your in-person appointment? Check out our appointment help page.

What can I expect when I meet with my tutor? 

Your tutor will begin by asking you some questions to set a brief agenda for the session. You will let the tutor know what you need assistance with (e.g., grammar, idea development, organization, APA formatting), and they will then focus on that area during the session. Tutoring is a collaborative process, so you will have a dialogue with the tutor throughout the session. You will read your writing aloud, and they will explain concepts about writing to help you improve. You will take notes, brainstorm, and make suggested changes throughout the session. Come to your appointment prepared to learn and engage with your tutor. At the end of your time together, the tutor will recap what you covered and provide you with some concrete steps to move forward.

What are the tutoring hours for in-person appointments? 

Our hours for scheduled in-person tutoring appointments (on the second floor of the MLK Library) will be posted soon. The hours will be limited during the spring 2022 semester as we are transitioning back to in-person tutoring work.

How many in-person appointments can I schedule? 

You can schedule one 45-minute tutoring appointment per day, with a maximum of two in-person appointments made in advance per week. You can request an additional (third) session each week if you have accommodations for extended tutoring time from the AEC or if you are a graduate-level student working on large-scale project.

Do you have any other writing resources that I can use before/after my tutoring appointment?

We have 100+ homegrown handouts created by our writing tutors. They have gone through a proposal process and multiple revisions with Writing Center staff. Use these handouts to supplement your tutoring sessions or your class materials. In addition to homegrown handouts, we also have video tutorials on our YouTube channel.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cannot make your scheduled appointment, you must cancel before the appointment is scheduled to begin. If you miss two appointments without canceling in advance, you will be blocked from the online scheduling system. You will then be limited to drop-in only sessions for the rest of the semester.

When you make an appointment, you agree to the Writing Center policies. Please read the Writing Center policies and procedures.

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