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    I haven’t finalized my decision yet, and I am still considering a few options. But one community that I am thinking about is Persian Twitter. Twitter as a “community” can seem broad, but it always fascinated me. I am from Iran, where Twitter has been banned since the 2009 presidential election. Over the past decade, the Iranian government has taken a strict stance against social media platforms that promote anti-government sentiment or spread dissent. However, it is ironic that verified Iranian officials use social media, including Twitter, on a daily basis, as do the Iranian people. Also, it had and still has a very significant role in shaping protests against the regime, inside and outside of the country. I am interested to see how people exchange information and ideas, how they fact-check stuff, and how they fight against a huge amount of trolls (sponsored by the government) that spread misinformation and disinformation.

    • @homeyra I think this could work. There is literature related to activism on social media that could apply. This might be a good thing to discuss with our library liaison Andrew Chae. Also, there is a book called “Twitter and Tear gas” that me useful as a citation.

      • @michael Is that okay to change my community for research? I was searching through a couple of databases about Twitter and social media platforms in general and I found another interesting community: Anti-vaccine people! I have picked a few articles to read and then I’ll decide which community fits better for my research.

        • @homeyra Take a look at what you found. The studies should address the information behaviors of anti vax folks – could also include misinformation information behaviors. This one may require a bit more looking at recent literature from LIS and other fields focused on info behaviors of these folks. Check in with me when you take a look at things.