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    Hello! I’ll be honest, I haven’t put a ton of thought into this yet. But my initial instinct is to look at Baby Boomers in rural areas (maybe the South specifically? Deep South even more specifically?). I grew up in a rural Southern area and ended up with a lot of family friends on Facebook, and I’m legitimately fascinated by how they consume information based on what they choose to share to their feeds. I haven’t had time to dig through some literature to see if there’s existing research on this group, though. For awhile I thought about focusing on QAnon followers (both ex- and current) but I imagine that hasn’t been looked at much yet, and while I’m sure there’s literature that touches on those concepts, I think it might be hard to extrapolate as conspiracy culture has evolved so much in the past decade.

    • @kameronm This is very interesting. I think you could look at the info behaviors of rural populations and find some useful research. There may be a bit about QAnon but I agree with you probably not much!