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    I’ve been brainstorming for a bit, but haven’t gotten a good idea of the kinds of information some group might be using/looking for. I find idea of cults and reality/game show contestants to be interesting, but seems like there’s such variety among them. I’m so used to thinking about groups from a psychology/sociology perspective, switching to information focused has been a bit of a struggle.
    I think I might do tattoo enthusiasts. Still interesting, but I have a better idea of the kinds of info they’d be searching for (info on different styles, artists, techniques, the materials themselves, potentially health adjacent things). Haven’t looked too much into the research though.

    • @marissatavener You could pull from the broader LIS lit devoted to enthusiasts and serious leisure for tattoo enthusiasts. Probably virtual community info behaviors as well. Might be worth it to try some searches or schedule with our King librarian to try some search strategies.