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    Hey all – I am a big time Fleetwood Mac fan. I have tickets for the new iteration of FM in Chicago in October. I can tell you the ousting of Lindsey Buckingham was a difficult thing for me. Have seen FM and Stevie multiple times and I’m thrilled with the recent deluxe editions of their big albums.

    • @joanneshombert I missed that Stevie tour! I am still bummed about it. Glad you got to see SN with your daughter – it is super cool that Stevie’s stuff reaches younger generations.

    • Hello! I also like Fleetwood Mac, Rhiannon is my go-to karaoke song.

      • Cool! The above was left from last semester. I am still struggling with LB being fired. “Rhiannon” is a favorite of mine for sure.

    • I bet that’s going to be an incredible concert! Annie Leibovitz discussed them a bit in her “MasterClass” video. I was in grade school when Rumors came out and to me they are such happy songs because those were the songs being played at that carefree time!

      • @annhb 🙂 The post up top was from last semester. The concert was super good but I missed Lindsey. Huge Stevie fan here but FM does not feel like FM without LB. I was 12 when rumors came out – remember all those radio songs. I never put together it was the same band until a few years later!