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    Hey all – Ellen Greenblatt, one of our INFO 200 instructors uses this as a starter for choosing a community:

    Points to consider as you decide on your information community:

    Keep in mind that the focal point of your research throughout the course must be on the information-seeking behaviors of your community.
    Take a look at the upcoming course assignments and visualize how your proposed information community fits within their guidelines.
    Explore your topic in the Library & Information Science Source (LISS) database or Google Scholar to get a sense of whether any scholarly research has been done on your proposed information community. (For additional helpful resources see: Library and Information Science Guide: INFO 200 (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.)
    Be aware of the larger communities under which your information community falls so that you can broaden your research, if necessary.

    I have added it to the assignment helper.