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    Hi! I am thinking of focusing on the dyslexic adolescents. I’m considering exploring their mental health needs or social media usage.Thoughts about where to focus?

    • I would think this is a fascinating topic, as seeking and sharing information could prove challenging for that community, and I’d be curious how they overcome those obstacles. I can definitely see how this could affect their mental health and it would be interesting to see how they get the help they need. Libraries could prove overwhelming, but I’m sure they also could access services there to help them. And I imagine something like social media videos would be a good way for them to communicate with one another and share and gather information, but anything written would be hard. I think you’re on to something really compelling.

    • @mkane this is an interesting community to think about, but I am unsure how much LIS research there might be on the information seeking behaviors in needs of dyslexic adolescence. It might be worth the time to check in with our King library liaison and discuss some search strategies to see what’s out