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    @michael Hi! I have several questions for my research paper. I hope this is the proper channel to air these out!
    What are your thoughts on articles that are 10 years or older?
    Is there a perception that fundamental articles are ageless?
    Does a brief, chronological retrospect help in the narrative of my community?
    Lastly, I believe I found a book that will give me perspective on my community and was wondering if a book in addition to the articles would be helpful or a hindrance. The book is Aging Well: Surprising Guideposts to A Happier Life From the Landmark Harvard Study of Adult Development.

    • @mwieler treat questions:

      Articles 10 years and older are fine by me, especially if the article provides insights into info behaviors of your community. You can demonstrate what was studied in the past and align with what is happening now. Fundamental articles are indeed ageless – like many of our early readings or articles related to emerging topics in years gone by.
      The retrospect sounds interesting – would it be in the lit review – seems like that would make a strong sub-headed section.
      The book sounds good for background, etc. Does it focus on info needs in part? That would be cool. Monographs by scholars are perfectly acceptable.

      • Thank you for your feedback, input and the lit review reminder! To be frank, I totally spaced the lit review and was only looking at the framework of research paper. But, that will serve as my guinea pig! I believe the book to be outside of the realm of info needs but was hoping to gain some insight into the social and psychological aspects of the aging process. I will keep looking for a tailored to LIS and my community monograph.