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    Hello @michael!
    I had a question regarding the research source. I found a journal called The Journal of Negro Education, which covers a wide range of topics for African American students. If they needed information or research, this would be a perfect choice for members of my specific community. Am I in the right direction, even a little bit? 🙂
    Thank you!

    • I think you are right – it would be a perfect resource if the students were researching topics related to African Americans and education. I think you are on track!

      • Thank you @michael! I am so happy to hear that! Also, is a directory of scholarships, financial aid info, and internships considered a research or community based source?

        • @peaceflwoman8 A directory would probably be more on the research side, it depends on who publishes it.

          • Okay- to me, it looks more like an organization than a directory. It is directed towards African-American students regarding scholarships, internships, and other college resources. Thank you very much for your input! Have a great evening.