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    I too have been struggling to decide on a topic that I find interesting enough to think about for the rest of the semester, but broad enough to be workable. What I first thought about was a way to look at various groups involved with environmental preservation/restoration by way of native plants. There are groups focused on homeowner action as well as municipalities, but since I can’t even think of what to call them I decided I better keep thinking! Now I’m leaning towards birdwatchers, there is a citizen science element to this that I think would be interesting, and it’s still connected to my original idea, a subset of suburban ornithologists use landscaping to encourage bird population growth.

    • @rubyhuber Thanks for coming to chat. The first group might be called environmental activists? Or perhaps enthusiasts (Serious Leisure approach?) Bird watchers is spot on. I have had successful papers on this group through the lens of citizen science.