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    My first thought was something related to early literacy and/or music and movement since that is my main focus as a library professional, but then I thought I might enjoy exploring a totally different topic. I thought about what is currently of interest to my and my family. My husband is currently immersing himself in how to videos for making a guitar for me. Also, I have two HF ASD kids, one who is just barely 18 and trying to figure out how to “adult”. So, I thought maybe something about neurodivergent young adults. That seems maybe more “academic” than I want to get but it also would be relevant. I have done no sourcing of related, peer reviewed articles or other research for any of these topics. The more I think about it, I wonder if it might be better (or easier? too easy?) to choose parents of children 0-5. I don’t know. I’ve been reading some in the textbook and I need to do more of the module I think before deciding for sure. Anyone with thoughts?

    • Hi Becky, I seem to be going through similar thought processes as you in trying to figure out my topic, ie what is too easy/broad versus too academic or perhaps too obscure to find literature about. I actually think parents of children 0-5 would be an interesting community to research because of the early literacy / “ready to read” opportunities that public and school libraries (and parents of course) need to consider.

      • The interesting part, to me, being the intersection of all three.

      • Oh, that sounds fascinating, though! I worked for 6 years as the children’s librarian in a rural town in Colorado. I had no idea such an occupation existed, and it was so great. I’d be interested to know how all this goes for you. Sounds like choosing the right angle of focus will be key for you.

    • @thegab2022 Parents of young ones would be a good choice as would your other thoughts with varying degrees of research available. The YT guitar video angle could be broadened out to the YT community or similar as well. Agree with @jmurphy about “ready to read.”