Behold! Our OPML File for all the Class Blogs in Section 02

Hello everyone! After much work between @liloverdue and myself we have completed the OPML creation and organization. I am super excited to read your intro posts via all the feeds I just added to my Feedly. All the course activity and posts can seem like a raging waterfall but utilizing a feed reader will help you! And savvy information professionals use news aggregators such as Feedly to stay current on topics of interest.

If you are using a feed reader (like Feedly), you can easily import this into your reader and have access to all the student blogs in our section of LIBR 200. Also, there could be additions, but I will post those individually for you to add.

Download the OPML here:

The OPML populates your reader with 2 “collections” of feeds. One is made up of student blogs from my section of my 200 and our Section Site course blog newsfeed. The 2nd collection includes the feeds from the Community Site blog and full activity feeds.

I would suggest downloading it to your desktop (via whatever method of mouse clicks you use on your computing platform) and then importing the file into reader of your choice. I suggest Feedly and use it in the steps below.

First, view this video:

Second, follow these steps:

  1. Set up an account with Feedly
  2. Click on Add Content in the lower left hand window
  3. Select import OPML
  4. Click on Import OPML and locate the file you saved above.
  5. Follow the directions on the import screen: Choose file and Import
  6. You are ready to go!
  7. You can also add other feeds from your favorite blogs at the LIBR200 Community Site and beyond.

I used first names in the feed titles because it helps me get to know you all.  I hope I identified everyone correctly.

Note: I hope I didn’t make any mistakes!

So here’s the challenge to some fearless 200 student – please add the OPML to your reader and report back here in a comment!


19 thoughts on “Behold! Our OPML File for all the Class Blogs in Section 02

  1. Aimee Piper

    So I’ve downloaded Feedly and uploaded the OPML – I haven’t used a reader since Google Reader (RIP), so I’ll need to play around and grow accustomed to Feedly, but it seems cool. One question I have… it seems that things like “X and Y are now friends” is also populating my feed. Is this intentional? How can we edit the feed to include more relevant information. …asking for a friend.

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @aimee That sounds like the activity feed for either our section site or the bigger Community Site activity feed. You can certainly edit that one out if you’d like. 🙂 Those type of posts will wane as the semester goes on though.

  2. Ali Nikolai Sadik-Ogli

    I think this worked. I have a Community Site with 2 feeds and FA17 with many more. I am curious how it appears that clicking on a post opens it without going to the actual site.

    Thanks for this information, I think I will add personal feeds to it as well.

      1. Jayelene Lyons

        I was just curious on how it looked on the freedly site. As long as people can view the feed to my blog I am good. I can always just look at my own blog to see for myself. Thanks.

  3. Betsy Snow

    Success! I have been doing parts of this course all this week and I was afraid I needed to turn something in tomorrow. Thanks for this post, @michael! Enjoy Michigan. I traded in Michigan for the hot California fall… it was 107 yesterday and I’m ready for sweater weather! That sunset is perfection.

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  5. Nia Rose Chappell

    Trouble with OPML Link

    Hi, all!
    I was able to create a Feedly account, however, I am unable to download the OPML file above. I will retry downloading the link tomorrow. If anyone has any ideas that might help me download/ save the OPML link above I’d be eternally grateful.

    Nia R. C.

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