New Column: Making A Name

Hi all – I wanted to share my November column from Library Journal. It just went up online. It’s about LIS students putting themselves out there. Building some type of professional presence on social media is a good step for any LIS student. LinkedIn, Facebook, and other sites offer a place for a soon-to-be-librarian to […]

Welcome to Expanding Roles (Module 14)

No longer just storage space for books, 21st-century libraries are constantly evolving to maintain their relevancy and popularity with patrons. They are places where people gather to explore, interact, and imagine, and the onslaught of technologically-mediated life makes libraries’ cultural and community offerings more important than ever. Module 14 focuses on new models of service […]

Important: Resetting the Site

Hey all – soon after classes end I will be resetting this course section site. That process includes deletion of all user accounts. If there is any of your content you want to keep – group postings, course blog comments – be sure to copy and paste them out of the site before Dec 23rd. This […]