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Framework for Lit Reviews

Hey all – A student writes: “As I’ve never done a Literature review before, I’ve been reading through our material on how to go about it. I liked the idea of the “framework” proposed by Smallbone and Quinton but was frustrated that I couldn’t utilize their table. So, I made one. I wanted to email it […]

Describing Your Community Updated

Hey all – I have started looking at your Sources Survey assignments. I am updating this post and republishing if you’d like to share or comment about crafting your description. Greetings all – I think it would be useful for the next  assignments for all of you to work on refining your description of your […]

Extension for Blog Post #3

Hey all – I have been thinking about the post due this Sunday: Reflection Blogging: Blog Post #3 due 10/1 : Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community from your preliminary research. Utilize theories covered in the lectures and assigned readings and your own explorations to craft your post. Cite the research you’ve […]