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After Post #6, Submit Your Blog URL to Canvas

Hello all – Please submit your blog URL to Canvas after you finish Post #6. I cannot assign points in the rubric until I have a URL submitted! It should be the top level URL of your blog. For example: @trishcampbell is Reflective Posts: Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to […]

Important: Assignment Requirements & Rubrics

Greetings all – I am reading through your ethics posts and I want to make sure everyone has a good understanding of the assignment requirements and expectations of the remaining formal assignments – worth 50 points of grade for this class. You should be citing peer-reviewed literature related to the information behaviors of your community, […]

Framework for Lit Reviews

Hey all – A student writes: “As I’ve never done a Literature review before, I’ve been reading through our material on how to go about it. I liked the idea of the “framework” proposed by Smallbone and Quinton but was frustrated that I couldn’t utilize their table. So, I made one. I wanted to email it […]