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Welcome to the Course Wrap Up!

Greetings all! Can you believe we are at the end? I made a video for you. Please take a look: Housekeeping: Please fill out the SOTES.  I appreciate your feedback and participation in SOTEs. Please submit your activity stream to Canvas if you haven’t already. Your blog URL should also be submitted to Canvas. Our course ends May […]

Welcome to Creation Culture

With the advent of makerspaces and 3d printing, the concept of creation takes on a new dimension: machines allow us to conceive, design and “print” a tangible object.  In module 14, we explore how libraries and other information environments are offering programming to assist and instruct users on how to create.

Welcome to Teaching and Learning

Greetings all! Now we turn our attention to librarians and information professionals encouraging and supporting learning. This module explores how the 20th century “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” mindset gives way to a new Culture of Learning with opportunities to learn anywhere and everywhere multiply. What examples might you find of libraries encouraging learning opportunities for your community?

Welcome to the Global Information Professional

Greetings! This week’s module explores global librarianship and the work LIS professionals are doing all over the world. The guest lecture is created by Jan Holmquist, creator of the library learning program 23 Mobile Things. I have called librarianship the “ultimate service profession” and this modules illustrates that idea on an international level. I recorded a […]

Welcome to Community Informatics

Greetings! This week’s module introduces you to the field of community informatics.  We will discuss what we mean by informatics and community informatics, identify the stakeholders in community informatics, and explore the relationship between library and information science and community informatics. This module was created by Dr. Chris Hagar for INFO 200.

Welcome to User Experience

This week, we will explore the importance of user experience.  The link for Module 7 can be found here. You will find an introductory lecture by me and a lecture from Aaron Schmidt, as well as some pertinent readings in the realm of UX. Action Items: Consider the importance of user needs and wants as you […]