Welcome to Teaching and Learning

Greetings all! Now we turn our attention to librarians and information professionals encouraging and supporting learning. This module explores how the 20th century “Reading, Writing and Arithmetic” mindset gives way to a new Culture of Learning with opportunities to learn anywhere and everywhere multiply. What examples might you find of libraries encouraging learning opportunities for your community?

Thank you for your hard work on the literature review. I will be grading all week and will aim to everything done by Sunday.

Action Items:

  • The Research paper is due 5/7. Please plan your writing time accordingly for the due date. This is to be your most polished, scholarly, and effective writing of the semester.
  • Please join the Research Paper Q& A Group to ask questions about the assignment. I think the group format has served us well.
  • The rest of the modules will explore various aspects of librarianship and serving our communities. This is meant to introduce you to topics covered in depth in future classes.

Reflection Blogging:

Upcoming Assignments:

Grading Reminder:

Grading will be based on 100 possible points.

  • All assignments are due on Sundays and must be turned in by 5 p.m.
  • Late submissions will be reduced by 20% of the total points possible for that assignment.
  • If life circumstances require students to request an extension, please do so several days before the assignment is due or as soon as possible.
  • Communication and interaction throughout the semester via the course site is expected and required.
  • No incompletes are given for this section of INFO 200

5 thoughts on “Welcome to Teaching and Learning

  1. Profile photo of Joyce Peng

    @michael Too funny! In your lecture video, the photo of the college lecture room with all of the Macs is one of the lecture rooms at the University of Missouri School of Journalism! A few of my classes were held in there. That photo is so accurate. Many students (including me) were using Macs in there!

    1. Profile photo of Joyce Peng

      @michael And I just wanted to add, I was so fascinated by the many different types of learning experiences held in libraries. It gave me inspiration and hope that libraries can still be very much effective and impactful today. I especially like the emoji experience feature and the storytime in the park idea.

  2. Profile photo of Paizha

    @michael . I worked a food event once called Cochon 555 (5 hogs, 5 wineries, 5 chefs) in Napa Valley. The farm-to-table event included a demonstration, where butchers took a whole hog from snout to tail, and broke it down in front of an audience. They used different types of tools and talked through the process. At the end, they had about 10 sheet trays and labelled/cataloged each tray by hog area (e.g. belly; ribs; above the neck). It was super educational, and improved my understanding of where each part comes from and what you can expect in terms of flavor (and why). The goal was to show consumers about the butchery process, but also educate consumers about where things like bacon come from (farm-to-table). I thought the informal learning environment and catalog were super effective for learning about where food comes from. This also gets me thinking about wine tasting and certain types of dining experiences, and how they might also be viewed informal learning environment.

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