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INFO 200 – Information Communities

Research Paper

Research Paper Rubric

Criteria Description Pts

Appropriateness & Quality of Assignment Content

Fulfills all assigned components including Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. Includes required references, the majority of which should be peer reviewed.
5.0 pts

Accuracy and Depth of Analysis

Demonstrates high degree of accuracy and depth of knowledge regarding chosen information community and the literature related to information seeking and behavior.
8.0 pts

Critical Thinking & Reflection

Discusses issues thoroughly, justifies decisions, assimilates information and examines conclusions
8.0 pts


Information presented reveals the assimilation and understanding of the material – the learner is convincingly aware of alternative points of view AND of implications beyond the immediate subject.
5.0 pts

Professional Presentation, Organization, Mechanics, & Clarity

Information is organized in a logical outline and well-constructed with no grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors – learner imparts a particularly scholarly, credible and compelling message.
2.0 pts

APA Formatting

Exhibits expertise in academic writing skills, consistently applying all appropriate APA style standards and integrating source material through paraphrasing, summarizing, and using quotations.
2.0 pts
Total Points: 30.0

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