How do I..?

Below is a list of common “How To” questions specific to this course, as well as links to two of our most commonly accessed resources specific to iSchool in general.

HOW TO: Monitor the Course
HOW TO: Use “@” to tag specific people
HOW TO: Use A News Feed Aggregator
HOW TO: Use Two-Factor Authentication in WordPress

Community Site How To Pages
This page features commonly asked questions about how to customize the look of, create new content for, and socialize with your peers on your new blog at the school’s Community Site.

Community Site WP Support
Please join this group to ask questions about Community Site mechanics, WordPress (WP) blogging help and WP troubleshooting.
Requests for any other technological issues, e.g., with Panopto or Canvas, etc, will need to go through the IT department.
**Please allow a 24 hour response time for your issue.