The Learning Community

The learning community is broken down into the following components: activity updates, blog posts, the community of peers, and student groups.  Each component adds to the social learning experience of the course site.  So, look at their descriptions to see how they may positively impact your experience here at INFO 200.


The activity stream shows content being updated on the INFO 200 site. From status updates, to blog posts, badges earned, public @messages sent, and forum posts replied to, the activity stream is the place to go to find out what people are talking about and doing.


Every student has a blog at the Community Site where they can post thoughts, responses to literature, completed assignments and upload documents or embed media to share with the world. Blogs are at the heart of this learning community, and we hope that you take advantage of your own.


We hope that you connect with your fellow students in INFO 200, so peruse through or search the directory of peers to find folks you’ve encountered here, people you know already, or randomly friend someone and strike up a conversation! You can also click on your peer’s name to visit their profile, read their blog, and see what they’ve been up to in the course.


I hope that you’ll find a “Group” here in the learning community reflecting your interests and passions for the wide LIS world. And if you don’t find the Group you’re looking for, why not start a new one?