Student Privacy

This course site is designed to create a social learning experience that brings together students and encourages them to share their thoughts, ideas, and progress in the course site.  Unlike traditional learning management systems, this course site is accessible by the world.  You are encouraged to be highly social in this course, but that social encouragement and design requires you to make choices about  privacy.

Your Privacy Options

Your privacy is important and you need think through decisions regarding how you can protect your own privacy.  To do so, you need some information:

  • You can choose to use a pseudonym and an avatar image in your profile that hides your identity;
  • Your posts can be reflective, engaging and critically thought, even if you choose to use a pseudonym;
  • And when you post an activity update, you will see options that allows you to limit who can see your update.

But these are only system options for protecting your privacy: you also have to make choices in the blog posts you write and the activity updates you publish regarding what you’re sharing about yourself.  Only you can make this decision.