Commenting, Engagement and Participation


Students are expected to interact weekly via the blogging community. This can take the form of commenting on other student blog posts, participation in groups, and status updates. Individual 200 instructors may also require participation in discussion forums within Canvas.

Authentic Participation:

One of the many roles of Information Specialists is to engage with and connect with information communities. Through authentic engagement with others, we can understand them and better assess and meet their information needs. This not only makes us better professionals; it can make our professional experience more rewarding. It also creates opportunities for the lifelong learning that is vital to our professional growth.  Through authentic sharing, listening and response in this class, students have an opportunity to practice those connections skills that will contribute to their success as Information Specialists.


You will demonstrate active participation and engagement through your blog, commenting on your classmates’ blogs, project work and use of the course site. A minimum of six well-articulated comments (or other participation in groups, etc) is required.

Students will also write two blog posts as part of participation and engagement:

Blog Post #1: Introduce yourself by describing an information community in which you belong… The community description can be as creative as you want it to be. It can be written as a straight-forward textual description — or it can even be presented as a narrative in an imaginative story, photographic journey, digital artwork, video/vlog, or audio podcast. Share whatever information you would like about your community, utilizing whatever medium helps you to highlight your own personal interests and passions. Utilize resources in Module 1 to get started. (Part of participation grade)

Blog Post #8: Personal reflection on information communities, academic writing, and the research process. What are you taking away from your ongoing explorations and research? How has your writing evolved throughout the course? What experiences will inform your practice as an information professional moving forward? (Part of participation grade)

Students should submit their community blogging site activity feed URL at the end of the semester, as well as any other appropriate URLS.

Participation Rubric
Criteria description pts
Critical Thinking and Reflection
Provides original thoughts and inspirations relative to topics of individual interest or expertise via comments on others’ blogs and other mechanisms.
4 pts
Appropriate Engagement
Responds appropriately to the flow of discussions in ways that demonstrate good timing, lively consideration and quality of thought.
2 pts
Successfully creates introductory blog post and course reflection post to share with course community.
4 pts
Total Points: 10