Welcome to our Course Wrap Up

Greetings all! Can you believe we are at the end? I made a video for you. Please take a look: Housekeeping: Please fill out the SOTES.  I appreciate your feedback and participation in SOTEs. Check your feed reader to see your classmates’ final reflections. Please submit your activity stream to Canvas if you haven’t already. Your blog […]

Outstanding Blogging!

Hey all – I just finished reading all of your posts #5. Your work is right on target and so interesting. Your citations from the professional literature and your critical thinking is spot on. I read some posts that will be so easily remixed into the discussion sections of your paper, just like your earlier […]

Important: Resetting the Site

Hey all – soon after classes end I will be resetting this course section site. That process includes deletion of all user accounts. If there is any of your content you want to keep – group postings, course blog comments – be sure to copy and paste them out of the site or take screenshots before […]

Welcome to Module 14: Expanding Roles

No longer just storage space for books, 21st-century libraries are constantly evolving to maintain their relevancy and popularity with patrons. They are places where people gather to explore, interact, and imagine, and the onslaught of technologically-mediated life makes libraries’ cultural and community offerings more important than ever. Module 14 focuses on new models of service […]

Sharing Abstracts?

Hey all – so everyone in our section can see what topics you all explored, please consider posting your abstract as a blog post at the Community Site. I just read the early papers and I am so knocked out by the work.

Post #7: Emerging Tech

Hey all – Don’t miss the helper for Blog Report #7: Blog Post #7: Create a media-based artifact (infographic, video, audio, etc) from your research and explorations of your community’s use of emerging technologies. How do they use technology to advance the community or share information? Be as creative as you’d like! Use these “How To” […]

Reminder: Extensions & Questions

Hello all – Please remember there are extensions available for the research paper and I am around if anyone has questions – look for me on Zoom, site message, or email to my Mac address. Aim for May 9 but I set Canvas for May 11 for a tad more breathing room. I will start […]

Faculty Retreat

Hey all – I’m in our Faculty Retreat in Zoom the next two days. If anyone needs anything – email me or Zoom IM me. I hope everyone is well! Some notes: Extensions on the research paper are available. There are some pointers for writing your abstract here. Blog Report Due Dates: Blog Post #6: […]