UPDATE: Issue with Old Videos!

Hey all – I have no idea how this happened but some old versions of INFO 200 videos were still living on Canvas and in a few places here. I am flummoxed that we did not catch this last semester. Here are all of the videos about 200: Intros for all sections, our section, all […]

Getting Started… with Blog Reports

Greetings all – After your Introductory post, your next five blog entries are an important part of the Blog Reports assignment. As noted in our getting started posts, you will use your blog on the Community Site blogging platform in this class. The posts will include substantial content, citations, and reflective thinking. These blog posts should […]

Replying with @michael

This coming week I will be going through your intro posts and commenting.  If you reply with your own comment to one of mine on your blog, please use my username @michael  in the comment so I am sure to get notification of your reply. Some blog themes auto fill @usernames but others do not. […]

Graduate Work & This Course

Hello everyone – I wanted to send out a reminder of key items related to graduate work and this course from the Getting Started Module. We are heading into an important phase of the class. The School requires that students earn a B in this course. If the grade is less than B (B- or […]