Welcome to Module 11: Teaching and Learning

Greetings all! Now we turn our attention to librarians and information professionals encouraging and supporting learning for their communities. The exchange of information and knowledge within communities of learners is an area ripe for exploration.  How people learn, what motivates them, and how we can assess them are viable questions for information professionals. 

Checking In

Hey all – I just want to do a general check in with everyone and see how you are doing. I just want make sure everybody’s doing OK. It feels like there is a lot of churn in the world right now, so please take good care of yourselves.   Image: Morning walk.

Getting Started with…Research Paper

The goal of the Research Paper  is to give you experience in writing a graduate-level research paper. View a video about the assignment: Download: Web (Captioned) Lecture Slides  PDF) Video Podcast(mp4) Audio Podcast (mp3) Getting Started All assignments in INFO 200 help build your understanding and knowledge of the information needs and information-seeking behaviors of the information community […]

Sources Surveys Graded & Grading Criteria

Greetings all – The submitted Information Sources Surveys are graded. Everyone did well overall. Reminder: I want to make sure students review the rubrics and grading criteria for our coursework. The Assignment Submission Guidelines  were part of the Getting Started Module and are also found in the menu under Assignments. Be sure to review those […]