Context Book Review Extension

Greetings everyone – I just finished your Blog Post #2 entries. I am impressed with the early research some of you have done as well as the thoughtful connections many of you made to our course content. But – I also got to thinking… There is a lot going on right now in our world. […]

Writing Center Services

Greetings all! Please make use of any and all of these services. Your academic writing is the most important aspect of our class. If you feel like you need a little help getting on track, use the links below: HELPING STUDENTS TO BECOME BETTER WRITERS WRITING CENTER STUDENT SERVICES ONLINE TUTORING | WORKSHOPS | LIVE […]

Extension for Blog Report Post #2

Hey all – I want to offer an extension on Blog Report Post #2: Describing Your Community. I want to give you extra time to consider how you will describe your community within the parameters of our course. Please have your post published to your blog by September 16th. Read over the helper! Helpful Hint: Select […]

Course Requirements & Keeping Up

Hey all – This Sunday your first reflective bog post is due: Blog Post #2: Description of Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. The post should be written clearly, with citations as needed, and free from errors. The Post #2 helper is intended to guide you.

Welcome to Module 3: Information Seeking Behavior

Welcome to Module 3! Information – creation, accession, consumption, and dissemination – pervades everything we do and is a foundational characteristic of information communities. From studying the information seeking behaviors of varied and diverse populations to analyzing information activities in online settings, the importance of the exchange is foundational to understanding libraries, emerging information technologies […]

Happy Labor Day

Hey all – Up here in northern Michigan there is the tiniest bit of fall in the air. “And summer became the fall…” goes the song. Our new module will go up on Monday as usual but please also enjoy the last holiday of the summer if you can. It’s always good to take a […]