Graduate Work & This Course

Hey everyone – I wanted to send out a reminder of key items related to graduate work and this course. We are heading into an important phase of the class. Your work will center on two major formal assignments and more blogging. The iSchool requires that students earn a B in this course. If the […]

Heading to Chicago this Weekend

Greetings everyone – I leave tomorrow morning for Chicago via a quick flight over the big lake. Saturday night I am seeing Fleetwood Mac in concert (or an iteration of FM sans Lindsey Buckingham). I’ll be visiting friends and colleagues at ALA as well. If you need anything or have a question about the sources […]

Describing Your Community

Greetings all – I think it would be useful for the next  assignments for all of you to work on refining your description of your information community. You wrote a blog post a few weeks ago: Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. […]