Use @ usernames to keep conversations alive

While our learning environment does a good job of sending you messages when people respond to your updates in the activity stream, we can do even more to help us stay connected when we’re off creating conversations on our section site.  So, to make sure  everyone knows when a response has been made to their comment, I encourage everyone to start using the @username feature of the site.

For example, if you write a comment responding to something @michael wrote in a blog comment, I’d use @ and then the username like I just did. I will then get an e-mail and notification in my profile that I was mentioned. This will also work at the Community Site.

Use my @michael moniker to say anything directly to me – I get the notifications immediately.

To find usernames, simply click on your peer’s avatar in the site or their linked name on other places in the course site.  This will take you to their course profile, where you will see their @username underneath their real name. At many places on our site you can also start typing @ and the person’s name and a list should pop up! Try it out.