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News: Michael is Traveling

Greetings all! Here is a video about my upcoming travels: Download Video  Podcast Our next due dates while I am traveling: Blog Post #3: Report on the information-seeking behavior and information needs of chosen community. DUE: 10/02 —  For this reflective post, please turn in anytime the week of the 3rd –  think of it […]

Class Social Time This Sunday

REMINDER:   UPDATE: We can also discuss questions about the LIS model theory research summary assignment in the session. I can already tell I want to give you all an extension to give you a bit more time with this first formal writing assignment. September 11: Our first Class Social Hour will be at 12pm PT. I’ll be […]

Extension for Blog Report Post #2

Hey all – I want to offer an extension on Blog Report Post #2: Describing Your Community. I want to give you extra time to consider how you will describe your community within the parameters of our course. Please have your post published to your blog by September 15th.  Helpful Hint: Select a community that might […]

Important: Surveys & Interviews

Greetings all – We had a question come in about students in INFO 200 interviewing or surveying members of their chosen community. This prompted some discussion amongst the 200 instructors and the chair of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) on campus. Some important clarifications follow. Please do not create or utilize any type of data […]

Graduate Writing Workshops

Please see: And download the flier here. Topic Writing Workshop: Graduate Writer Mindset Description Writing is hard for all new graduate students–no one comes in already understanding how to write at a graduate level in a new discipline. Undergraduate writing is a good foundation, but it does not fully prepare you for graduate school […]