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Sharing Abstracts?

Hey all – so everyone in our section can see what topics you all explored, please consider posting your abstract as a blog post at the Community Site. Watch your feed readers for these posts and check them out. I just read a bit of the early papers and I am so knocked out by […]

Taking the Temperature….

Hey all – I’ve had a few requests for extensions on the LRM… would that be useful for all of you still working? I am feeling that there are a lot of stressors out in the world that may be slowing us down (myself included!)…. Chime in below. Image: Walking Stick Library & Buddy (and […]

News: Board Rejects EDI Report

Hey all – this is a current and alarming opinion piece about a Missouri library system. I think it falls in line with our recent modules on diversity and inclusion. Also, a board can make or break a library. Please give it a read if you have time. Sadly, the dissenting trustees got it wrong. […]

New Research Article on Librarian’s Professional Learning Experiences

Hello – Just for interest: I am thrilled to have a new article published this past spring. The Strategic, Curious & Skeptical Learner : Australian Public Librarians and Professional Learning Experiences This study used narrative inquiry to investigate the experiences of Australian public librarians with professional learning and development. Twelve librarians currently working in public […]