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Sharing Abstracts?

Hey all – so everyone in our section can see what topics you all explored, please consider posting your abstract as a blog post at the Community Site. Watch your feed readers for these posts and check them out. I just read a bit of the early papers and I am so knocked out by […]

Important: Resetting the Site

Hey all – soon after classes end I will be resetting this course section site. That process includes deletion of all user accounts. If there is any of your content you want to keep – group postings, course blog comments – be sure to copy and paste them out of the site or take screenshots before […]

Wholehearted Service at Ferris State

Hey all – I am up early and prepping to drive south to Big Rapids, Michigan. I am doing a talk today for the library staff, faculty and university folks at Ferris State University. For interest here are the slides. If anyone has a pressing matter email me directly and I will reply ASAP. I’ll […]

Issue with Leganto Reading Lists

Hey all – We just got word that the reading lists are down. I will attach a PDF of all the course readings if you need them. Note that for the next 2-3 days Leganto will not be displaying our readings. Some articles you may need to look up directly in the King Library search […]

New(ish) Article: Student Use of Mobile Devices

Hey all – Honored to do research with Debbie Faires and SJSU School of Information graduate Nikki Rudiger. This just came out in a recent issue of  the Journal of Education for Library and Information Science 2021 Vol. 62, No. 4 DOI: 10.3138/jelis-62-4-2020-0093. It was published online a few months ago. Take a look if interested. […]

Reminder: Writing Group!

Thanks to a former 200 student for creating the Writing Group. Click the link and join if you would like! Connect with fellow students to workshop our writing for class. Kindly share and solicit advice, feedback, and tips to help us all achieve our writing goals.