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Useful Article on Information Grounds

Hey all – One of you may have cited this in your Blog report #4…I had it open in a tab and thought it would be good to share: Might be useful to this of you looking at information grounds, students, etc. Fisher, K.E., Landry, C.F. and Naumer, C. (2006). “Social spaces, casual interactions, […]

New Assignment Q & A Group

Hey all – There was an ongoing issue with the directories for our groups. I have deleted the older group and created a new one: Please join! We will use this discussion group throughout the semester for questions about each assignment. Please use a hashtag to designate what assignment you are asking about: #lismodel […]

Describing Your Community

Greetings all – I think it would be useful for the next  assignments for all of you to work on refining your description of your information community. You wrote a blog post a few weeks ago: Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. […]

Reflection Blogging Grading & More

Some thoughts for you all related to a question I had about our Blog Report assignment as you work on Post #4 and beyond. Start getting very serious about weaving your peer reviewed sources and studies you are finding into your posts. That will set you up to have draft chunks of your paper. Utilizing […]

Virtual Communities References List

Hey all – The first serious lit review I wrote  in my doc program was on virtual communities. Here’s the reference list. It may be of interest, especially for those of you looking closely at communities born on the Web, etc. Note – there has been much more research published in the last 15+ years […]

Assignment Q & A Recording!

Thanks to all who attended! We covered a lot of ground with the Sources Survey, LRM and more.  Hope the questions highlighted the way to navigate the assignments to culminate at the research paper. Please be sure to view this recording for a deep dive on the assignments.