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Blog Report #2 Graded

Hey all – I have graded all of the Blog Report #2 posts in Canvas! Thanks for your hard work! I enjoyed reading about your communities and the connections you made to Fisher & Fulton aspects of ICs. Going forward, be sure to follow the Blog Report descriptions and helpers for each one. Leave time […]

Getting Started with…Literature Review Matrix

The Literature Review Matrix is intended to be critical exploration and evaluation of scholarly writings on a topic(in this case, your information community). In your formal research paper, the literature review provides context and background for your own study and illustrates how your research will contribute to a particular area of study.This assignment meets the […]

Extension for Blog Report #2

Hey all – I am extending the due date for Blog Report #2 for any who need it. I feel many of you are still deciding on your community. There has been discussion in the Choosing Your Community group that may be helpful as you decide. Please turn it in to Canvas by Wednesday February […]