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Describing Your Community

Greetings all – I think it would be useful for the next  assignments for all of you to work on refining your description of your information community. You wrote a blog post a few weeks ago: Blog Post #2: Describe the Information Community you are choosing to explore for the course and the research paper. […]

Models! Models!

Hey all -I was thinking about your last two Blog Reports and all the connections made to information theories ands models. There were a few that were new to me! If you are inclined – and I think this will help everyone – please share a model or theory you cited in your work, discovered […]

Research-Based vs Community-based – Thoughts?

A helpful comparison developed by a student in INFO 200 a few semesters ago that can guide you as you select your resources: A Research-based information source is: • Published by experts or academics • Intended for use by many different people (community members, academics, etc.) • One-way communication (from expert to reader) • Provides […]

Getting Started with…Literature Review Matrix

The Literature Review Matrix is intended to be critical exploration and evaluation of scholarly writings on a topic(in this case, your information community). In your formal research paper, the literature review provides context and background for your own study and illustrates how your research will contribute to a particular area of study.This assignment meets the […]

Updated Writing & APA Helpers

Fall Red Leaves

Hey all – please say hello to @eleanorhill and @katiekuszmar – they are working with me on an INFO 298 devoted to learning more about WordPress for instruction and learning. They are working a bit on our helpers and templates for assignments. Please take a look any the updated:   Academic Writing APA Style and Citation Management […]

Thoughts on Future Assignments

Greetings all! I just finished grading all the submitted book reviews. Overall, everyone did very well. You’ll find your scores in Canvas. THANK YOU for your patience. I was super impressed with the reviews that offered strong connections to information science theory and models. This will be expected in the research paper.