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Download This!

sunrise in the woods

A student shared this: I’ve found this pretty helpful while working on the paper: I would suggest downloading as you format your work! Image: Sunrise in the woods

Post #7: Emerging Tech

Hey all – Don’t miss the helper for Blog Report #7: Blog Post #7: Create a media-based artifact (infographic, video, audio, etc) from your research and explorations of your community’s use of emerging technologies. How do they use technology to advance the community or share information? Be as creative as you’d like! Use these “How To” […]

Global Blog Report

Hey all – I want to let everyone know that the globally focused post can come from any resource you find related to your information community and how they might be served by information professionals in other parts of the world. Use the articles in the global module for inspiration. Take a look at the […]

Getting Started with…Research Paper

The goal of the Research Paper  is to give you experience in writing a graduate-level research paper. This assignment satisfies the San JosĂ© State University’s Graduate Writing Assessment Requirement (GWAR), and also meets INFO 200’s student learning outcomes #2-#5. View a video about the assignment: Web Version Download the Slides Video Podcast Audio Podcast Getting […]

Update: LRM & Blogging Due Dates

Hey all – I have heard from a number of you. Let’s lock in the LRM to be due tomorrow. It will give many of you a bit of breathing room. For the Blog Reports – how about this: Blog Post #5: Explore how libraries and information centers create learning and programming opportunities for your […]