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  • Hey everyone, I know our blog post #2 is just around the corner but I’m wondering if anyone else is worried about finding adequate peer-reviewed references. I thought I would find plenty with my chosen topic, but I’m struggling! Most of the specific resources I’ve been able to find are dissertations, and it’s also been challenging to find…[Read more]

    • Hello @kataloging – Did you choose historical re-enactors? I have had successful papers on this group and similar, usually through the enthusiasts/serious leisure perspective.

      • Thank you for the speedy reply @michael! I wanted my primary topic to be amateur historians, but I might have to change my focus to history enthusiasts in general. I think that including some related topics such as historical societies, re-enactment, and fan groups can flesh it out further.

        Most of the peer-reviewed articles I’m finding are…[Read more]

  • Hello, everyone! It’s been interesting reading everyone’s information community choices and seeing all of the variety there is! I’ve been giving my choice some thought too, and I think I want to focus on a topic that relates to the medical field, whether that be on a certain group of medical professionals like doctors, or on immigrants and how…[Read more]

    • @qminmin253 I have had many strong papers on the information behaviors and needs of immigrants. I recall one student working on the information behaviors in needs of doctors and I think it might’ve been a bit of a struggle, but there could be more research now. I think either of these would be viable, depending on what Research is out there.

  • Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot about the topic of tiny homes. It’s a community that I have always found fascinating but can never do myself (it feels too claustrophobic). The more I think about it, the topic can branch off into mobile/permanent tiny homes or even tiny homes vs tiny living (such as small condos). I haven’t done much research…[Read more]

    • @janetkong yes, tiny homes is one of our assignment synthesis. Examples and you will see that the student pulled from literature related to minimalism and information behaviors as well. There is also a thriving online community devoted to tiny home, living with YouTube channels, such as Living Big in a tiny house, etc..

  • Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking of picking the 3D Printing community for my choice. I am not in this community but I do have some friends who are and it seems so interesting. There have been many innovations that I have seen in my research so far including industrial sized 3D printers that I hope to learn more about!

    • @spalmerdiaz I have had successful papers on makers of all kinds and 3-D printing community would fall under the banner for sure. There is some useful research related to the information behaviors, and needs of makers. I think serious leisure would come in to play here as well.

  • Hi everybody! I hope it is becoming a little easier to decide on your chosen community. In my case, I keep over thinking everything haha! When I last posted I was considering either the gluten free community or the film preservation community. Since then, I have added another option to the mix!

    I’ve thought a lot about focusing on international…[Read more]

  • As I’ve been brainstorming for my information community, I’ve been considering two ideas. One idea I have had is gardening, but I’m not sure if gardening would be too broad and if I should make it more specific as home gardeners? Another idea I have been considering as well is genealogy. For genealogy, I was wondering if in picking a community,…[Read more]

    • Hello @sarahlitschewski I have had many incredible papers on genealogists. I’ve summed that just focused on the family, historian or hobby genealogists, and some that are focused on professional and hobby genealogists. This area has great research.

      • @sarahlitschewski I should have addressed the gardening angle as well. I have had successful papers on all types of gardeners, usually through the Serious Leisure framework.

        • @michael Thank you for the great insight on both topics, it was very helpful in being able to decide which community I would like to do! I think I have decided to focus on hobby genealogists, it sounds like there is lots of exciting research on the community.

    • I was also interested in gardening, but had difficulty in finding research with my initial search. I once visited a library at a botanical garden so perhaps there is something out there for special libraries. Still, I personally decided on one of my other ideas instead.

  • I’ve been brainstorming for a bit, but haven’t gotten a good idea of the kinds of information some group might be using/looking for. I find idea of cults and reality/game show contestants to be interesting, but seems like there’s such variety among them. I’m so used to thinking about groups from a psychology/sociology perspective, switching to…[Read more]

    • @marissatavener You could pull from the broader LIS lit devoted to enthusiasts and serious leisure for tattoo enthusiasts. Probably virtual community info behaviors as well. Might be worth it to try some searches or schedule with our King librarian to try some search strategies.

  • I’ve been considering focusing on zine makers as my information community, but I’m not sure if that’s too narrow, still haven’t done enough looking to see if I’ll be able to find adequate research. Broadening the scope I might consider self-publishers since zine makers would be captured by that as well

  • Hi
    I think I found a community I’m excited about – unschooling. Any thoughts as to the feasibility of researching this info. community?

    • @mkane Can you say some more about this so I can assist?

      • @michael Thanks for the reply. I haven’t had the uninterrupted time to dig into this topic but the little research I’ve done since posting leads me to believe I would be better off diving into the homeschool community. I am curious about the homeschooling communities in the US – where they find their curriculum and how they build community as…[Read more]

        • @mkane I have had papers on homeschoolers. If I am recalling correctly there is a bit of research in LIS on the information needs and practices of homeschoolers. Might be worth it to contact our librarian for some search strategies. You may have to pull from studies of related communities to round things out.

  • Hello! I’ll be honest, I haven’t put a ton of thought into this yet. But my initial instinct is to look at Baby Boomers in rural areas (maybe the South specifically? Deep South even more specifically?). I grew up in a rural Southern area and ended up with a lot of family friends on Facebook, and I’m legitimately fascinated by how they consume…[Read more]

    • @kameronm This is very interesting. I think you could look at the info behaviors of rural populations and find some useful research. There may be a bit about QAnon but I agree with you probably not much!

  • Hi everyone. I’m leaning more into the intersections of leisure and information seeking behavior. My initial community of hardcore video game players was interesting initially, but after going down the rabbit hole of other leisure activities, I ended up going two, more personally exciting, directions:
    (1) The live-streaming community, like…[Read more]

    • @hellodaniel either of these communities would be very interesting to focus on. For the live streaming community, you might have to pull from the broader literature, devoted to information behaviors and needs within social media, communities or creators communities. That would offer a lot of different studies to pull from to inform your view of…[Read more]

  • I have a little brain dump document going for brainstorming my information community, but I’m feeling pretty excited about perhaps researching “job seekers” as an information community. I’m wondering if this is too broad. I already very much enjoy assisting job seekers at work in a public library and Career Services Librarian is my tentative…[Read more]

    • I could be wrong, but I don’t think it’s too broad. As an overall community they have a specific goal and reason to seek and gather information. There’s definitely a good amount of information you may find to explore, but I feel it’s a fairly distinct community.

    • @agroves This is a good choice. I do not know how many specific slides may focus on job seekers but there are surely applicable studies in LIS. The professional practice side will be super interesting for sure. As to theoretical framework perhaps ELIS or ISP? There are probably very interesting online spaces for jobseekers as well.

      • @kevinm and @michael thank you both for your input! I think it will be interesting because it’s a community that’s constantly changing. People seek and then gain employment, so there’s a lot of movement in and out of the community. And different job seekers’ needs will vary so much, so there will be a broad range of information needs all with a…[Read more]

    • @agroves I like your topic, and it sounds like it will help you for your future career! One thing I thought of is to also research about “major life transitions” or “career transitions”, and it might lead you to more insight on your information community. It might extend your search some more, but it might also retrieve info from other disciplines…[Read more]

  • Hi everyone! Much like @kataloging, I am also feeling somewhat overwhelmed with the process of choosing an information community to focus on; however, by looking at the examples from the list of successfully researched information communities (, I was able to gain a…[Read more]

    • Hi @masterkeyper! I think these are all great ideas. I keep flip flopping back and forth between ideas myself. Every time I think I’ve decided, I start going back to a different idea.

      I would imagine just using the Disney community alone would supply a good amount of research, as there are so many aspects to Disney that the community could seek…[Read more]

      • @kevinm I’m laughing out loud as I read your comment about flip flopping back and forth between ideas. I’m right there with you! In some ways I feel like I’ve already researched three communities!

        • @mkane Haha oh yeah I think I literally *have* researched three communities. It’s been a real ping pong game inside my head. It’s nice to have company in this regard. I think I’m pretty close to decided, but I now have to sift through what I’ve found and make sense out of it all!

    • @masterkeyper these are all very strong choices, and I’ve had successful papers on all three communities. There is significant literature in library, information science on serving the unhoused, as well as the information behaviors, and needs of the unhoused. Author Ryan Dowd has written on the topic as well for ALA. As to the other communities,…[Read more]

  • Hi! I am thinking of focusing on the dyslexic adolescents. I’m considering exploring their mental health needs or social media usage.Thoughts about where to focus?

    • I would think this is a fascinating topic, as seeking and sharing information could prove challenging for that community, and I’d be curious how they overcome those obstacles. I can definitely see how this could affect their mental health and it would be interesting to see how they get the help they need. Libraries could prove overwhelming, but…[Read more]

    • @mkane this is an interesting community to think about, but I am unsure how much LIS research there might be on the information seeking behaviors in needs of dyslexic adolescence. It might be worth the time to check in with our King library liaison and discuss some search strategies to see what’s out

  • Hello! I haven’t yet watched the Class Social Time recording, so I apologize if someone else already brought this up. I’m wondering if I should choose to focus on the LGBTQ+ information community or if that’s too broad a topic. There are so many different subcommunities under that heading with different informational needs and interests, but it’s…[Read more]

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