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    Hey everyone, I know our blog post #2 is just around the corner but I’m wondering if anyone else is worried about finding adequate peer-reviewed references. I thought I would find plenty with my chosen topic, but I’m struggling! Most of the specific resources I’ve been able to find are dissertations, and it’s also been challenging to find resources on my topic in relation to libraries.

    If anyone has any tips that have helped them have breakthroughs, that would be amazing!

    My only tip so far is quite obvious: if you find a dissertation or article that isn’t peer-reviewed, check their references. You might find a resource that is!

    • Hello @kataloging – Did you choose historical re-enactors? I have had successful papers on this group and similar, usually through the enthusiasts/serious leisure perspective.

      • Thank you for the speedy reply @michael! I wanted my primary topic to be amateur historians, but I might have to change my focus to history enthusiasts in general. I think that including some related topics such as historical societies, re-enactment, and fan groups can flesh it out further.

        Most of the peer-reviewed articles I’m finding are focused on the academia/teaching standpoint. I will follow your suggestion and find more articles focusing on general enthusiasts/serious leisure! I’m glad to know it can be done.