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    I think I found a community I’m excited about – unschooling. Any thoughts as to the feasibility of researching this info. community?

    • @mkane Can you say some more about this so I can assist?

      • @michael Thanks for the reply. I haven’t had the uninterrupted time to dig into this topic but the little research I’ve done since posting leads me to believe I would be better off diving into the homeschool community. I am curious about the homeschooling communities in the US – where they find their curriculum and how they build community as individual families. Thoughts?

        • @mkane I have had papers on homeschoolers. If I am recalling correctly there is a bit of research in LIS on the information needs and practices of homeschoolers. Might be worth it to contact our librarian for some search strategies. You may have to pull from studies of related communities to round things out.