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    As I’ve been brainstorming for my information community, I’ve been considering two ideas. One idea I have had is gardening, but I’m not sure if gardening would be too broad and if I should make it more specific as home gardeners? Another idea I have been considering as well is genealogy. For genealogy, I was wondering if in picking a community, should I choose between professional genealogists and hobby genealogists, or should I incorporate both into one community?

    • Hello @sarahlitschewski I have had many incredible papers on genealogists. I’ve summed that just focused on the family, historian or hobby genealogists, and some that are focused on professional and hobby genealogists. This area has great research.

      • @sarahlitschewski I should have addressed the gardening angle as well. I have had successful papers on all types of gardeners, usually through the Serious Leisure framework.

        • @michael Thank you for the great insight on both topics, it was very helpful in being able to decide which community I would like to do! I think I have decided to focus on hobby genealogists, it sounds like there is lots of exciting research on the community.

    • I was also interested in gardening, but had difficulty in finding research with my initial search. I once visited a library at a botanical garden so perhaps there is something out there for special libraries. Still, I personally decided on one of my other ideas instead.