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    Hi! I am wanting to use JSTOR’s offline solution, which has significantly expanded this year, as my research-based info source for my information community (people experiencing incarceration), and was hoping to get some feedback to see if that sounded right. Thanks for reading!

    (more info can be found here –

    • @trases Hello – thanks for posting. I do not weigh in on specific choices because that is a major part of the assignment. Perhaps some of your classmates will chime in. 😀

      • From the Nautilus example I posted:

        A Research-based information source is:
        • Published by experts or academics
        • Intended for use by many different people (community members, academics, etc.)
        • One-way communication (from expert to reader)
        • Provides fact-based authoritative content
        • Fact-checked and edited
        • May be formally preserved (books, encyclopedias, etc)
        • May have community input, but exists outside of community control

      • Of course, thank you!