Graduate Work and Passing INFO 200

The iSchool requires that students earn a B in this course. You will be placed on administrative probation if your grade is a B- or lower and you will need to repeat INFO 200 the following semester. If, on your second attempt, you do not pass the course with a grade of B or better, you will be disqualified from the program. This is a core course that all students in this program take. The assignments are about learning, but also seeing how well graduate students can perform and produce work of at least a B quality. 

Your instructor will not review any assignments or drafts of assignments before submission and tell you what changes to make in order to get a B. Your instructor will review your work after you submit it and will provide feedback so that you may, if needed, improve for future assignments. You cannot make up points or assignments if you did not receive a perfect score and extra credit is not given in this course. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit your assignments, as files can take time to upload and process. It is encouraged that you submit your assignment before the final minutes.

Make sure to review the modules in detail, as well as assignment requirements and rubrics. Throughout this course, you will need to conduct external research in the literature and reading beyond what is in the lectures and modules. Our SJSU King Library liaison can assist you with library databases help and query formulations. Our writing support center offers assistance also to virtual students by online tutoring appointment. If you have not written academically in a while or would like some help getting into the scholarly writing zone, it is recommended that you contact the writing center.

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