Meet Silke Higgins, the INFO 200 King Library Liaison

Silke Higgins is our King Library Liaison! She is a great resource for all students enrolled in the program. Her contact information is available on the Help LibGuide, which also includes other useful information, such as quick answers to common library related questions and links to King Library’s chat service, which connects students with librarians at the King Library. Learn all about King Library Services for the School of Information here and do not miss the INFO 200 LibGuide!

The INFO 200 LibGuide provides resources to help you get started on your research and is an excellent resource to help guide you through tasks and common concerns. In addition to a list of useful databases and sources for background information, the INFO 200 LibGuide provides information and tips to help you manage the completion of your assignments, like How to Read a Scholarly Article or How to Find Sources for your Literature Review Matrix.Outside of containing helpful information for this class, the INFO 200 LibGuide also can be referenced to help you with your research and assignments in future courses.

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