Hartel’s Information Science Videos


Dr. Jenna Hartel

Dr. Jenna Hartel  has a YouTube channel of Library and Information Science (LIS) Videos. Dr. Hartel is an Associate Professor of LIS at the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto. The videos produced on this channel can be of great support to students as they make their way through INFO 200. Please feel free to explore them as you work!

Information & Leisure Series

“The *Information and Leisure* video series descends into leisure as a setting for information phenomena. There are four parts that can be watched independently or in order. Part 1 is a general introduction to information behavior as a research area in Library and Information Science (LIS) and as something people *do*. It also explains the related concept of “information practice” and provides vivid examples from the scholarly literature.

Part 1: Information Behavior (August 7th, 2021)

Part 2 presents a theoretical framework of leisure, the Serious Leisure Perspective (SLP) which is the life’s work of sociologist Robert A. Stebbins. (The SLP is applied in the remaining episodes as a means to identify informational patterns.) The second episode is designed for viewers within LIS and beyond, such as students of Leisure Studies.


Part 2: The Serious Leisure Perspective (August 10, 2021)

Part 3 goes deeper into hobbies and discerns five distinct types. Then, by taking a socio-cognitive approach, informational patterns within the five hobby classes are examined.


Part 3: Information In Hobby Social Worlds (September 6th, 2021)

Finally, in Part 4 (forthcoming), *time* is recognized as a force that weaves hobbies and information together. The fourth episode is also a case study of information behavior and resources in the hobby of gourmet cooking. After viewing all episodes, one should be better able to conceptualize information in a leisure domain.” -BIBBLEium (LIS Videos)

Part 4: TBD

What Makes This Paper Great?

“The *What Makes This Paper Great?* series focuses on landmark papers of Library and Information Science. After a paper is introduced, I present its origins, context, structure, highlights and ultimate impacts. Each video concludes with reflections on the strengths (great qualities) of the paper; insider stories and references are included. This series was inspired by music educator, Rick Beato’s series *What Makes This Song Great?*.” -BIBBLEium (LIS Videos)

Tiny Video Series

“Every episode in the *Tiny Video* series is between 15 and 30 seconds in duration and illustrates an idea in Library and Information Science. Though tiny (in time), they are meant to have a big impact on curiosity. Most of these snippets are drawn from longer videos, here at my YouTube Channel (BIBBLEium); if so, links are provided within the Tiny Videos so that viewers can learn more. All the tiny videos are also available as GIFs (without audio) on my website [http://www.jennahartel.info/gifs.html]. Please feel free to use the Tiny Videos in lectures, course websites, and correspondence with students. Enjoy!” -BIBBLEium (LIS Videos)

Intellectual History of Library and Information Science