Reflection Blogging Grading & More

Some thoughts for all related to a question I had about our reflective blogging assignment as you work on Post #3 and beyond.

  • Start getting very serious about weaving your peer reviewed sources and studies you are finding into your posts. That will set you up to have draft chunks of your paper.
  • Utilizing a more formal voice will prepare you for the scholarly written work you will do the rest of the semester.
  • Begin to use the proper APA citation method in text: i.e. Stephens (2016) explored the benefits of blogging platforms for LIS students…
  • Don’t fret about APA formatting not being perfect – ideas and synthesis of your research is more important.
  • Professional articles are super useful as well but do not carry the weight of research-based sources. Use them to support your ideas, but be sure the scholarly approaches are predominant.
  • Review Module 4 as needed for information on sources, etc.

Reminder: Blogging is cumulative. I do not grade individual posts because I want everyone to have time to find their footing with the assignment. That said, you should be actively writing, researching and reflecting for each of these posts. You can use the content as part of future assignments.

I will do a midterm check in for students if they want to chat about their progress. Will post about that soon, after #3 is done.  I am also available for questions here, on Zoom IM, etc at anytime.  Also if someone is way off track, I message them privately.

You submit your blog URL to Canvas when you complete Post #7. No need to submit any URLs before that – I see everything via Feedly.

8 thoughts on “Reflection Blogging Grading & More

  1. Jennifer Ford

    @michael, my understanding is that we may use parts of what we have already cited/written in future works? So, it would be okay to cite Fisher and Bishop again outlining the definition of an information community when writing our book review and connecting it to our community, etc.?

  2. Michael Ulrich

    Hi Michael, Apologies if you covered this elsewhere, but I’m wondering if each blog post is still subject to the late penalty of 20% credit reduction? Although there’s something to be said for just assuming yes since in the long run I think hard deadlines help more than they hurt! 🙂

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