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  1. Taylor Kaplan

    Thanks for sharing, @michael . Definitely one of the most useful articles I’ve found, so far! It’s interesting to consider how certain information communities can overlap across those “hobby classes”, too. Wine enthusiasts (my chosen community) can be considered collectors, activity participants, and liberal arts enthusiasts, for example.

    Also, Hartel includes a big section on hobbyist cooks, and she followed up this article with a few papers on their information behaviors, in particular. Could be super useful to anyone zeroing in that community!

      1. Taylor Kaplan

        @desireed – I remember having a tough time with that citation, I think there either isn’t a DOI at all, or the link is broken/non-functional. Either way, my citation (minus italics):

        Hartel, J. (2003). The serious leisure frontier in library and information science: Hobby domains. Knowledge Organization, 30(3), 228-238.

        Hope this helps!

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