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Checking In: Information Behaviors and Needs

Hey all – I just finished reading all the Blog Report #4 entries.

A couple of things:

Please be aware of the expectations for each assignment via the grading rubric. Find all the rubrics here. One thing that is included in every assignment is a connection to course content. For example, this was the section for Blog Report #4:

Connections to Course Content and Information Science
This evaluates how the learner uses INFO 200 materials and LIS theories as a framework for their ideas. The learner incorporates course content and information science through the fully developed use of one high-quality peer-reviewed study, evaluates the authorship, scope, methodology, and findings of the study to frame the study in context to their information community.

I also want to make sure that everyone understands  the focus of the assignments: information behaviors and needs of your chosen community. Many of you have located useful studies related to your community’s info behaviors and needs. Some of you may be using studies of a related group because LIS research has not been done on your chosen community. If the bulk of your research is not in our field, you may want to make sure you have some good applicable LIS studies to support your work as well as our course theories ands models. Message me if you have questions.

I would suggest reviewing the Info Behavior Course Helper page.

It might also be a good idea to review the assignment synthesis examples to see how everything flows into the research paper:

The assignments in INFO 200 are meant to build on student knowledge of a community’s information behavior, understanding of peer-reviewed research articles and community-created resources related to the group, and a synthesis of our course content with findings about the community. Blogging and the other major assignments should provide content and insights for the successful competition of the research paper. Content can be remixed and re-used.


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