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Hey all – I want to let everyone know that the globally focused post can come from any resource you find related to your information community and how they might be served by information professionals in other parts of the world. Use the articles in the global module for inspiration. Take a look at the professional literature. Investigate what programs libraries are offering in other countries for your group.

The helper states:

Blog Post #6: From your exploration of the literature and the resources included in the Global Librarianship Module, craft a blog post related to the issues your information community may face on an international scale. Consider, for example, how similar info communities to yours seek and create information in the context of their culture. Try to discover whether your international counterparts bring social, gender, environmental and economic justice to light. See if you can share your discoveries and observations in hopes that your experience can prepare and even educate fellow information professionals. 

4 thoughts on “Global Blog Report

  1. Ingrid Dayton

    My community is Dungeons and Dragons players. This is a tough one. I’ve been looking around for sources for this concept, and haven’t found anything. One of the controversial subjects I have found are regarding various biases and controversy over race, gender, sexual orientation in the Monster Manual, and those are in the U.S. Any help, guidance, advice, feedback? Alternate approaches?

  2. Dana

    I’m struggling with how to differentiate this from the rest of my paper. Some of my sources are from outside of the country because I struggled to find enough relevant information regarding the information needs and behaviors of the unhoused in the US. How do I go about making this different, or do I need to?

    1. Michael Stephens Post author

      @readerofbannedbooks you may not need to. The global element could be woven throughout your paper so perhaps for this blog post just highlight one of the articles you found from outside of the US or some interesting unique service that a library in another country is providing to the unhoused. This is the post that will give you an artifact for the E portfolio comp O.

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