Don’t Forget: INFO 200 LibGuide

Don’t miss this invaluable resource from our King Library. It is custom-designed by our library liaison to help you with your work in INFO 200.

Many of your information communities will require some creative thinking when it comes to finding scholarly sources for your paper. For example, it is unlikely that there will be many peer-reviewed articles on Persian cat fanciers specifically so think of this group in a broader context (hobbyists, pet owners, pet ownership). If it is a group that socializes only online, “online communities” is a possible search term. As you can see, you will need to draw parallels and extrapolate in order to find the peer-reviewed articles you’ll need. Below are the best resources to start your research…..

Action Items:

Make time to read and explore the following:

How to Read a Scholarly Article: Scholarly articles are a very specialized type of writing. Because of this, you need to take a different approach to reading them than you would a magazine or newspaper article.

How to Find Articles for your Literature Review MatrixFor many information communities, you may find the peer-reviewed articles you need in databases from a variety of disciplines, so OneSearch is a good place to start because it lets you look across all of the library’s databases with a single search.


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